JP-ENG Translator Jobs Recruitment in Tokyo Japan

JP-English Translator Job Vacancy in Tokyo Japan

[Work Content] Your major focus will be Interaction with clients in Taiwan. Secondly as a team we will work according to the instruction of mechanical engineers such as assistance in document preparation.

[Employment Type] Regular employee.

[Job Location] Tokyo, Japan.

[Nearest station] 47 min Tsukuba express by Akihabara

[Responsibilities] • Doing translation and interpretation for client based in Taiwan.
• Support engineers in document preparation.
• Help technicians in charge of production.
• Check design drawing and made to it modification.

[Welcome condition] At least 1 (One) year experience in Interpreter and translation.
Preference: Familiar with CAD.

[Language proficiency] • Japanese: Business level or JLPT N2.
• English: Business Level
• Chinese: Business level
(Taiwanese preferred)

[Annual Payment] 2400000 Yen – 3000000 Yen
[Working hours] 09:00 ~ 18:00
[Holidays] Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
[Overtime pay] Deemed time payment
[Welfare-Pay Leave] 10 days after 6 months of joining.
[Insurance] • Social insurance: fully covered – workers’ compensation, Employment, health, pension)
• TA: fully covered.

How to apply for Japanese to English Translator Jobs in Tokyo Japan?

Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:
[email protected]

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