Career Consultation- 10 Tips for Early Success and Overcoming Phobias and Weaknesses

A small guide for the students in their early stage of career making

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10 Most important things to keep in mind for overcoming career phobias & freaks:


1. Overcoming the past regime of classroom culture


Are you afraid to fly in the air the space you dreamed for so long ? If yes, you need to overcome this beforehand and get ready to leave the memories of classroom culture, homework bound atmosphere, moms pinches after results and dads angry eyes loosing your grounded feet.

No bird can catch the cloudy sky without leaving dusty ground. Decide you wanna overcome it asap to take up next level of challenges.

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2. Are you going to lead the group or standalone against the group?


There are times when you need to publish yourself against social odds, other times you lock yourself in airtight room to standalone against odds. However one who can perform at both circumstances is winner all the times.

But at least you need to decide where to start from and where is your peace of mind lies ?


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3. Balance is the essence of all religious teachings


Success has no reasons and failures has no father . When are you caught with failures who owned you ? disowned you ? Is it going to steal the sleep of night of yours ?

If so here is the time to correct yourself before you take upon new challenges of career – Decide upon how are you going to maintain you deterrence during the times of misfortune catch ?

Make yourself ready to keep your head cool with failures and success and don’t allow anybody to kill your patience and confidence.


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4. Is your life colorless and noisy otherwise ?


Forget for a moment of how much syllabus is left over and how much time you required is already deficient . Do a favor on yourself and think of a man even unfortunate to feed is humanly needs .

If possible find a week day to feed then with food etc. Your peer pressure will get evaporated and you will find an alive human being in you .

Where your colleagues will be only bookworms rolling one after the other book. This will never allow you get depressed and see yourself at other end .


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5. Can you feel the chromatic vision of the creator ?


Every human being is unique and made for unique purpose . Just like pollination of flowers, plant who produce flowers after tedious process cannot do what a small insect can do ? Hence do find yourself always in the middle of the universe with skills and abilities that could be helpful to others .

Keep yourself always handy with skills that are already acquired and that can be en-cashed if you enter dead end drive.

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6. Treat your personal relations and career relations tactfully


You are walking a path which may require anytime U turn by choice or chance, so don’t ignore your immediate blood relations and your loved ones . They can act as protecting shell till you are matured enough to handle worldly matters successfully.


You can build peaks upon peaks if you find blind support of loved ones!


For few ones its opposite, they cant take up challenges as their loved ones are skeptical about their success and scared to see their failures even before they take the jump. Hence you know your loved ones better and how to deal with them successfully ?


7. How often do you entertain your SELF ?


Howsoever is your schedule always find to watch a movie with your loved ones once a week. Make outing plan for a month . Celebrate festivals with new enthusiasm since there is reason why you should not be dipped into sorrow of struggle ?


8 . Be strategist but not escapist when it comes to action


Plan your schedule in such a way that you always stay 100 steps ahead of others to finish the game even before other have not yet entered ground .

Inspire from warriors who went ahead of enemy . Complete your daily schedule, monthly preparation plans, keep time for unresolved problems questions that deserve attention before exams knock the doors .

Everyday find yourself mindful and energetic towards fulfilling your dreams .


9. How healthy are you during exams & interviews ?


Not all but many find them self in the mess as exams phobias start a siren in their heads. Many loose their confidence because of health reason and loose important life change event into graveyard experience.

Nobody wants to see that day but eventually if you cant find a healthy body and tranquility inside the head you certainly cant confront intellectual & tricky questions.

Hence plan your day with right diet plan, exercise , gym, games and deep sleep of minimum 6 hours a night.


10 . How you plan the success on the day of warfare ?


Plan your travel to the location of exam or interview with multiple options handy . Don’t forget to carry the essentials and compulsion. Do not take risk of driving to the exam hall Instead prefer paying .

Keep the mind on the track and temperament focused . Because there is no use of crying over split milk. Hence this is the actual day of success !!! And cheers for your success !!!

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