5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Working from Home- A Guide on Managing Career and Personal Life Effectively

Career Tips for Home-based Workers: How to manage your personal and Professional life effectively while working from home


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People are constantly arguing about the most appropriate place for work – office or home. For example, some people believe that you need to go to work… In a literal sense. Because many of them go to work not to do their responsibilities, but to accumulate seniority. Someone thinks that working at home is not prestigious as the office provides all the necessary goods.


Moreover, there are people who need a team or a good kick from a superior companion to be productive. Free cookies, interesting conferences, corporate parties and periodic team building are particularly attractive in the office work.


But, nowadays many entrepreneurs who are engaged in e-commerce work from home. It’s not only convenient but also working from home has its’ financial benefit: no need to rent an office and overhead costs are not big. In addition to these items, you will save a huge amount of time, which you’ve spent on the way to your office.

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Despite these obvious advantages, there are also disadvantages – you can be distracted from work very quickly. When you work in an office, you cannot see all the funny videos on YouTube, read all the jokes, funny stories or news.


At home, you relax and start to get distracted by little things that eventually accumulate in hours. As a result, an imaginary “four hours per day” work turns into ten or even twelve hours.


Another problem is the inability to focus on your case for more than twenty or thirty minutes. In order to work for at least an hour, without being distracted by external stimuli, we need training. It is especially difficult to do for those who worked in an office for a long time.

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We are offering you a few tips that will help to be more responsible at Working from Home and to do your work more efficiently:


  1. Dress as if you come to an office


If you quickly get up out of bed in the morning and immediately turn on your favorite computer in order to start working immediately, you have chosen the wrong approach. Try to prepare as if you go to an office. Do not forget to take a shower and have breakfast. Choose from your wardrobe any outfit, except for pajamas. Thus, you are pre-configured on your workflow and will not be distracted.


  1. Pick a place for work


There is no need to convert your room into an office immediately. Moreover, not all of us have space for it. But still try to organize the space. Put a table and collect all you may need for work on it. Thus, you will have everything near you and you will not be distracted on the way for the next pen. The main thing is that you have to feel comfortable in this space. Also, do not forget to warn the family that you also have some office hours and it is not necessary to call at this time.


  1. Music can make your work better


This tip may seem strange, but try to use it. Listen to the music while working. Of course, it would be better if you choose easy instrumental music or songs in a foreign language that you don’t know. It can help not only to make your work more productive but also to make your brain to adapt to something new. Our favorite – is the 7th Symphony by Beethoven.



  1. Orderliness is necessary


It is important not to forget about the organization and planning. Try to write all the things you need to do for a day and organize them. So you will not have to cook lunch or pick up the child from the garden in the middle of the working process. Moreover, you can save time by creating a list of required documents or actions that you must follow in order to be always on the alert and fully armed. It may be:

  • A list of things you can share if necessary.
  • Plan for the week that you are going to do and what you had done in the past.
  • Plan for a meeting with clients.


  1. Everything has its time for Working from Home


Everyone knows that to become a successful self-employed person you need to spend much more time and effort. But do not forget that you need to be distracted from work and give a rest for your brain. Thus, you will get a rest and some fresh ideas. Spend time with your family, take a walk and do not forget to sleep, preferably at night, of course.


As we said, working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Someone can feel that this style of the work is not suitable for him, and he goes back to work in an office without a drop of regret. But if you tasted and you liked it, you can take all the best from it!


Enjoy the fact that you were born in a free world, and you can choose where you work, how much and with whom. In today’s world, you can be anyone and the hardest thing is to try.


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