10 Best Freelance Sites for Data Entry Jobs 2022 | Data Entry Work from Home

Data Entry Jobs – 10 Best freelance websites on the Internet to Hire Freelancers for Data Entry Work.

 Get data entry freelance work in USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Europe for 2022-23.

Best job sites for Freelance Employment for Data Entry field. (form filling, typing, data conversion, etc).

Data entry clerks or database administrators update and maintain an organization’s information on a computer system. As we all know, information on the computer system or archives of an organization is only useful if it is relevant and up to date and that is why data entry jobs are available in various freelancing sites as organizations seek to update the information on their databases. Database could be of any possible type.

Learn what is Data entry work here- > data entry work types and description

The most common types of databases where we need data entry workers- 

Excel sheet, Microsoft Word Document, Text files, Image files, PDFs, Scanned images, Audio sound, Video recordings, etc.

So, the data to be entered in these cases varies as follows-

    1. Typing work
    2. Form filling
    3. Editing and Proofreading work
    4. Data conversion and corrections work
    5. Data Formatting work
    6. Social media and advertising work

That’s how the demand originates and fulfills in Data entry field!

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The list of Top 10 Freelance Websites to Get  Data Entry Jobs Online:

For Employers: Best sites to Hire Freelancers. | For Freelancers: Best Freelance data entry jobs.

1. Upwork.com (formerly odesk)

Odesk and Elance are now known as upwork. Upwork is one of the best job sites for data entry and other types of freelancing jobs.

You are only required to register as a freelancer for free so that you can access and apply for a wide variety of data hourly and fixed price data entry jobs.

These jobs are categorized into web development, IT, networking, design, legal accounting and financial planning groups, to name but a few. Whichever category of data entry job you are looking for, Upwork has you covered.

2. iFreelance.com

Freelance employment just got better with iFreelance. No wonder data entry freelancers are finding themselves looking for data entry jobs on this site.

iFreelance offers a great marketplace for data entry professionals and requesters. In particular, freelancers have an easy time looking for jobs on this site since there are thousands of employers looking for data entry services.

They only need to advertise their services to the freelancers, place bids on the available projects, work on the projects assigned and wait for payment.

On the other hand, requesters also have access to a wide network of professionals who are willing to bid on their projects and do their tasks in good time.

3. PeoplePerHour.com

PeoplePerHour.com is a community of talented freelancers who are ready to do any type of work for a willing requester. If you have data entry jobs for instance, you need to inform the PeoplePerHour team what you need done so that relevant freelancers can be notified.

Freelancers, on the other hand look for the jobs that are on offer depending on their skills, locations and job categories. They pay a down payment and request for a proposal if they are interested. This way, requesters are able to meet the freelancers they need for their data entry tasks.

4. Worknhire.com

Freelancers looking for data entry jobs always find themselves at worknhire.com. This is because this site offers data entry jobs in a wide range of qualifications and professions. Registered users can get the latest jobs matching their skills via email after which they can submit their proposals for those jobs.

Once an agreement is reached with a specific client, work can begin. The hassle-free escrow based payment system will ensure that freelancers smile all the way to the bank.

5. Freelancer.com

Freelance employment has its passion at freelancer.com. This is especially so after freelancer.com acquired Scriptlance the other day to become even a greater freelancing platform than before.

Here, you need to place bids on the data entry jobs you find suitable to your skills and competencies and start working as soon as you strike a deal with the relevant requester. The integrated job search engine on the site allows freelancers to access all jobs available depending on various search criteria.

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6. Craigslist- Search Data entry jobs from local places

Craigslist continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and the hiring solutions it provides for administrative and office jobs deserve a standing ovation. Its location in various countries and states means more outreach, guaranteeing a great freelancer and requester network on the data entry platform.

In fact, Craigslist runs a site for each of the various cities, countries and states in which it is located. This facilitates local hiring which further enhances the possibility of delivering great work.

Craigslist- Search Data entry jobs at Craigslist

7. Guru- Freelance Site for Data Entry Work

The number of data entry freelancers that are registered with Guru.com gives a clear indication that this is a leading data entry site for freelancers. You can post a data entry job for free and allow freelancers to place bids on it so that you can pick your choice after going through the applications.

Finding a guru is easy, given the large database of freelancers. Most data entry jobs are rated on a per hour basis with a minimum amount determined by the quantity of work and the skills needed. If you like the price, you just request for a quote and the other formalities flow smoothly until money gets into your account.

Find Data entry work at Guru



Are you looking for flexible, freelance opportunities for data entry telecommuting jobs? You can get them on flexjobs.com. There are various search options to ensure that you get the right data entry job for you. For instance, you can refine our search for data entry jobs by location, company and category.

You can also choose the jobs depending on the number of hours you would like to devote to the job. The A-Z list of companies offering data entry jobs is a great resource for getting the data entry job of your choice.

9. The Smart Crowd


They have variety of works in data research, data entry, language, testing, and much more…

It is clearly a great freelance employment job site for data entry jobs on both online and offline platforms.

You just need to fill a simple registration form on this site, and be ready to earn from the data entry projects posted by employers from around the World, including, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Europe, etc.

There are various types of data entry jobs, and perhaps analyzing your skills will be key to getting the best job for you. For instance, you can make a lot of money by simply posting ads on various platforms, if you are an expert in doing so.

Visit here to Find Freelance Data Entry related work


10. Mturk.com

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or mTurk is a freelancing site by Amazon that is a great marketplace for online data entry jobs. Through mTurk, businesses can hire flexible and scalable workforce from the large network of freelancers. One makes money simply by working on the Human Intelligence Tasks (Hits) that have been posted by requesters.

You can make good sums of money via mTurk as long as you devote a lot of time to online work, and you deliver high quality work. Requesters pay once they are satisfied with the jobs done.

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  2. These sites look great for freelancing jobs but how can i directly get data entry jobs from someone on these sites. Will there be a bidding system or will i be assigned projects directly? Please help, thanks.

  3. Hi Sandeep, You have to create your work portfolio there and you have to mention every detail about how much you would charge and in houw much time will you complete the projects. Yeah, on sites, like Freelance.com you would have to make bids in order to get the data entry work projects while on some sites an employer may approach you as per your portfolio details.

  4. Do i have to invest in these websites

  5. No. Not at all!

    You won’t have to pay a single penny to earn from there. No investment required at all!

    If you are working then instead you should get paid and not vice versa.
    But, Initially it might seem difficult to make money there. Because you need some exposure and experience before you start getting projects. So, pay attention on developing your portfolio or profile at these data entry job websites!

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  9. Thanks for article where you have discussed top 10 freelance market place for data entry job. So far, I have seen most of the people only rely on upwork, fiverr and freelancer.com. How could you defend other sites like top three I mentioned? are they pay correctly?

  10. I used sociobid as an employer. There is no comparison with other freelance platform, very simple, active and responsive to the client. Once you hire a freelancer they keep follow up deeply. Price policy is awesome as they are not charging a single penny to employers. http://www.sociobid.com/

  11. I paid Rs 19900 to bosco infotech pvt limited for data entry last month. They assigned 300 pages for typing. Last date for submission was 5 November. Now there is no reply from their side. Their phones are switched off. What should I do?

  12. Do you have any proof that you paid them that much money? You must file against them in a consumer court, if you feel you have been cheated.

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