Data Entry Work. Job Description- 9 Types of DataEntry Jobs Online

Data Entry Description: What are the 9 most popular types of data entry work available today?


The trend of data entry work has become very common around the world and some people are busy in making money by doing different types of data entry work. Each of the companies provides different types of data entry work to the freelance working from home people around the Internet world to fulfill the assigned projects to them by the higher companies.

In this way companies get successful in cutting a lot of cost and other peoples could also earn money easily while operating from their own residence.

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The big companies and organizations frequently require to update all their previous data base into the new formats as per the changed requirements. Sometimes, they need to create or modify data entries. Thus, if they hire any official person for doing the data entry, then they have to bear all the expense of the person and salary as well.


But for the most of the companies it is not in their domain. I mean, they don’t have hired employees to do the data entry work. So, the company outsource this work to some other companies that specialize in data entry projects . In this way, the main companies save a lot of money by outsourcing this work to the companies that have such types of hired worker who do such tasks.

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Again, the company that takes the outsourced work may outsource it again to the third party individual freelancers or small business owners. That’s how the data entry work gets distributed to the


so that they do not need to bear all the expense of the person or they would just pay for the work that would be done by the person.


Here are the 5 basic types of date entry work that are available today: 


1. Website submission data entry

Most of the search engine optimization service provider companies outsource the website submission work because it is very easy to submit the data on a different website. Thus, they provide information regarding submission to the person and provide the list of the websites where a person needs to submit them. Thus, a person will make money as much submission work as he or she would do.


2. Companies’ old data recording data entry work

Some of the companies establish their work process and make the new database. Thus, they want to feed all the previous record in their database so that they could easily find from the database when they need it. However, they outsource the data entry work and feed all the data by using outsources.


3. Population survey

Every after few years, the government does the survey regarding the population of the country. Thus, few people do the survey, collect the data and the rest of the people do data entry job, and feed all the information in the database by using a computer.


4. Website uploading 

Some of the newly launched websites need to be filled with certain data, due to which the users feel that it is very old websites. However, people those people who can do work from home and make them understand regarding uploading data on the websites by using the admin panel.


5. Dictionary or other typing data entry

Those people who establish the dictionary or want some typing work for writing the book on document, then people get the services of the professional data entry workers.


6.Form Filling Data Conversion

Form filling work exist in every company that deals with database and records of any kinds.

Warehouse Form Filling, Health Insurance Form Filling, Customer mobile number data base filling, Address form filling, Cargo Form Filling Financial Remuneration Form Filling, Paper forms Payroll Form,  Filling Medical Form ,

Filling Data Entry, E-form Filling, Excel documents, Automobile Form Filling, Ecommerce data filling,

Telecom Form Filling Data Entry,  etc.


7. Accuracy checking work (Proof reading)

Formatting and grammar, spelling related accuracy checking and proof reading, editing work.


8. Image to Text Conversion work

TIFF files Word documents. Gif/Jpeg/JPG to word or notepad document conversion.


9. Converting paper books to ebooks via scanned content

Scanned books to ebooks. Pdf to Excel  , Xml & ePub Data Conversions
Form Processing, Handwritten Forms to Text, etc.


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