Top 10 Job Posting Sites in USA for Hiring and Searching Jobs

10 Most Popular Job boards where American Employers may publish their recruitment needs for free

Places for Posting jobs Online for Hiring and recruitment. 10 Best Job Websites for USA

Top 10 Job Posting Sites in USA- Various job boards are the most popular tool for a job search as they are used by 97% of the respondents. However, only 22% of respondents use more than two job sites to find work, and all the others are limited to only one resource.

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Top 10 Job Posting Sites in USA- Due to this fact, it is important to choose the right boards to find staff. Not each board offers free job posting, but the actual effect may differ at times, depending on the source. Thus, let’s look at the most popular job boards with a free job posting.

Top 10 Job Posting Websites in USA

The employment websites posted below are highest popular for hiring and recruiting online. Mos of the job sites are free to post a job, while some offer trial and premium online recruitment services on a monthly paid subscription. There are some sites that offer both ways of job posting- free and premium.

In the premium subscription you get the exclusive rights and features that make online hiring very easier compared to other methods and channels.

Job Posting Sites in USA

#1. (Paid) leads all the rankings, which examine the sites to search for stuff and in our opinion it is well deserved. The service gained its popularity not only due to the proper public relations, but also due to a really good functionality.

Monster job board offers Only the premium job posting services to consultants, recruiters, and employers on a monthly or yearly basis. It is one of the biggest job markets on the world online market. So, you can find expats for your company as well.

#2. (Free)

The name of board tells everything in a simple way. Starting from 2007 you can post the open vacancies of your company for free. Of course, nowadays if also offers some premium services, but the source is quite popular, so free services are enough to find good candidates.

#3. AngelList (Free)

AngelList at offers a wide range of free services. Thanks to that more that 4000 companies hire employees via this job board. This site offers not only job posting for free, but also you can meet the chosen candidates and hire them with no charge. Moreover, the board has a very user-friendly interface and it is easy to use.

#4. Top Job Posting Website and a great Search Engine for Jobs (Free/ Paid)

According to the surveys the job board are visited by more than 180 million people each month, so you can be sure that your job post will be view lots of times. This site also provides an application for mobile devices, so you can track the activities related to your open positions anywhere from your mobile devices.

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The employer is able to create the page of its company to inform about the business activities and to highlight its benefits in order to attract potential ideal candidates. At some point Indeed is ahead of other sites for staff search thanks to its very interesting additional services. All of them are paid, but such investments are well justified.

#5. (Free/ Paid) is a project that aims to make the hiring process easier. It provides a special marketplace for businesses and applicants. The use of online recruitment service is free of charge and it allows to distribute your job posting, asses candidates and conduct video interviews with the most suitable applicants.

SmartRecruters were designed to simplify the search of the best candidates for your positions and it sure does its’ work

#6. JobCrank (Free for 30 days) is a job board which position itself as a job listing for small businesses, but it is also used by some larger employers. The board differs from other similar projects as it doesn’t distinguish employees and employers as each individual can be both.

Thus, among the job post you can find open positions for babysitters, catering services, wedding planners or tree trimmers. The list of free online hiring services at the JobCrank includes job posting, finding applicants and high-quality passive candidates.

There are also some paid possibilities like tools for post promotions and private web hosting.

#7. (Free) site functionality is well thought out.Jobs can be published free of charge and it is free for any number of posts. This is the main advantage of the board. They are attracting applicants by paying $1 every time the resume of a potential employee is downloaded.

It may help to attract some high-qualified candidates that are not currently searching for a new work. This function costs $3 for employers. 

#8. JobVertise – Advertise your job Free! (Free account with limited features) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During such long period this board gained its reputation as one of the world’s largest free recruitment services providers. The job posting is absolutely free. After years of work the board created great tools for businesses and applicants. There are some paid services that will help to distinguish your job post among others and their price is very affordable.

#9. (Free)

Interestingly, is almost the only service where you can be comfortable enough to publish a vacancy without going through the registration process.

So, you will spend only a couple minutes to create a new job post. Moreover, it is for free. On the other hand,there are some useful services that are available only for authorized users such as a personal folder with resume and more.

#10. (Free) will close the list of the most popular job boards. Here you can post a job and a resume free of charge. This search engine works not only for the US employers, but also for Canadian ones.

It is nicely organized and easy to use for everyone. This board doesn’t offer additional paid services and that’s why it is very popular among lots of businesses. The listing is always updated, so that you won’t find old resumes or job post.

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Currently, there are a lot of other sites for job search on the Internet. They are making much easier the task for both sides, for job seekers and for employers

In fact, these job boards have completely changed the way in which people find the potential employer and employee. Such sites provide complete knowledge about available candidates.

The main purpose of the information provided by these sites is to recruit the right people for the right job.

You do not even need to leave home or your workplace, because everything you need to do is to conduct an interview online. Nowadays, it can be done by computer or any other mobile device.

You can fill out an online form for a job post and upload the information about your company and competencies of an ideal candidate absolutely for free.

Job search sites are the main method used by employers to find employees of all levels

Such portals help companies to fill the positions in the short term because they provide access to a large database of candidates’ resume.

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